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LUCERNE | engelberg and a quick city trip | winter 2014

I have to say, I am not really a mountain, snow, and winter kind of person. Or so I thought. 
While I still daydream of beaches, sunshine, and salty hair all day, every day, I do have to admit that the  mountain tops covered in snow make for a nice city-backdrop. 
While in Zurich for a couple of days, we headed out and drove to Engelberg, which is about one and a half hours drive from Zurich and a popular ski- and snowboarding area. The drive there alone had me gaping out the window (it is silly, but I am honestly not that used to mountains like that) constantly and I have about a hundred pictures of the mountain ridges and tops covered in snow and vanishing into the fog at times. And this is nothing compared to our trip to Vals, which I will soon report about as well. That drive was something else! More on that later. 
Unfortunately, the ski-lift had already taken off for the last time that day. Geniuses that we are, we arrived a couple of minutes too late as we had only decided rather spontaneously to head to Engelberg that day. If you do go, be sure to check the times that the lifts go up and down if you wish to go up to the summit and the ski slopes. 
We headed back and stopped in Lucerne for a few hours. I know that a lot of people that work in Zurich prefer to live in Lucerne because of the proximity to the ski-slopes such as Engelberg. Although I enjoyed strolling through the city and looking at the admittedly scenic rough edges of the surrounding mountains fading away all around me in the distance, I do prefer Zurich – not only because it is bigger and more dynamic (although to be fair I haven't really gotten to know Lucerne all that well in those few hours) but also because I would feel a bit too enclosed by all of those massive mountains. In Zurich, they are beautifully draped behind the large lake and are at a perfect distance as to not make me feel cornered. I guess that I have not completely warmed up to the whole mountain thing! Still, I had a great time, and I now definitely see the appeal in heading to the snowy tops for some winter fun! And we still had bad weather, so imagine how it must be when the sun is out and the snow is glistening and sparkling away happily. So Lucerne, you were nice, but I am not quite in love. 
If you are the winter and mountain type, definitely check this city out, the surroundings are amazing and the city center itself is quite cozy. Be sure to walk along the old bridges crossing the river. 

We headed back in the evening and made some cheese fondue at my friends home, which was great. I am now a total fondue addict. oops. 
I‘ll be reporting about our stay in Zurich up next, so look out for that in the next couple of days. Even though the weather did not brighten up, we made the best of it and actually had a perfectly great and fun time. Zurich, I definitely love you. 

Here are impressions of Lucerne and Engelberg

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