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NEW YORK | winter 2013 | the le labo experience

As SoHo is surely a must-see neighborhood for any Manhattan trip, take the time to wander a few blocks and streets further east: NoLIta (North of Little Italy) is quieter than it´s famous neighbor with a more intimate and cozy feel to it. I really adore the streets with their little shops and cool bars and restaurants. 
I did have one particular destination in mind this year - Le Labo Fragrance Lab. (which I have been talking about plenty on the blog). So I ditched my travel mates, as I wanted to be sure that I had time for my thoughts and to really experience these fantastic scents without feeling rushed (my brother is just not that into fragrances - unfortunately). 
I was especially eager to try the Le Labo City Exclusive, the Tubereuse 40. It was perfectly perched on a metal pedestal, easy to spot in the small but most interestingly designed space. I sprayed a bit on my forearms and tested it for the rest of the day. The development was fabulous and quite interesting, I might do a separate review on it. 

The entire store is magnificent and appears as more of a bar. Sit down on the stools at the bar and take in all of the wonderful scents. The staff will help and guide you through everything if you feel overwhelmed or are completely new. Since I had already ordered every one of the regular scents as samples, I already had a pretty good idea of which ones I liked/loved/did not care for. There are not really any scents in the entire range that I really dislike. There are some that I would not buy or wear, but nevertheless I find every single one of them unique and incredibly well crafted. 
Another real highlight of the Le Labo concept is the simple but elegant bottle design. The heavy glass holds the naturally colored liquid like something overly precious and valuable. I like how every scent has it´s own coloring, each slightly different and some more intense and deep than others. I wish I had one bottle of every fragrance and then align them on my desk as in the photo above. The glass is met by an adequately heavy cap. I like how it feels in your hands after taking it off to spray some of the perfume. I always hate the more often than not wimpy and flimsy designed bottles, especially the caps. So annoying. But these are real quality and justify the rather steep price. 
It is so weird, I could go on about this bottle, almost as much as the scents themselves. But since this is probably not as fascinating to anyone else, let´s move on. 

The store is all that I expected and wished for. Understated cool and chic! Just how I love it. I knew I wanted the Neroli 36 scent, so I immediately ordered one for them to mix fresh and label right in front of me at their cool bar.  I took the time to look around and get to know their other products. The candles are quite nice as well, but only the 50 ml Neroli 36 bottle made it home with me for now. Can´t really say it will stay like that though. I am equally fascinated by some of their other scents - Vetyver 46, Iris 39, Santal 33, Lys 41, and Ylang 49 will find their way into my home sooner or later. 
And how awesome is that huge concrete candle? That would have been quite funny to try and take home across the atlantic. 


NoLIta neighborhood
Le Labo Fragrance Lab in Nolita | www.lelabofragrances.com | their first and original shop on 233 Elizabeth Street between Houston and Prince Street | great, unique, and quality fragrances | take your time when visiting to really get to know their stuff. Don´t dismiss any of the perfumes upon first sniff, they often develop greatly after the first couple of minutes. I find them beautiful, authentic, and very special. I definitely am a new and huge fan of all things Le Labo!
Neroli 36 small review | for a bit more information and my thoughts on this specific scent, take a look at my other post here

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