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DRINK . chamomile tea to aid sleep

C H A M O M I L E   T E A  |  I drink tea every day - all kinds of teas, my favorite being simple green tea and any herbal teas. One tea in particular though, has got my attention in the past few months and has become one of my regulars in the evenings > Chamomile tea. 

I not only love it´s taste but the many benefits of it. 

Here is an overview via beforeitsnews.com

  • 1. Treats Cuts and Wounds – Chamomile tea was used by the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians as a salve for wounds to expedite healing. In a recent study, rats given chamomile flavored water healed faster than those who were not given the elixir. It worked especially well for burn wounds. This is because Matricaria chamomilla has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.
  • 2. Helps with Diabetes – Some research has shown that chamomile can help those suffering from diabetes. It also helps with hyperglycemia.
  • 3. Antibacterial – The antibacterial effects of drinking chamomile tea can help to prevent and treat colds while protecting against bacterial-related illness and infection.
  • 4. Calms Muscle Spasms – One study from England found that drinking chamomile tea raised urine levels of glycine, a compound that calms muscle spasms. Researchers believe this is why chamomile tea could prove to be an effective home remedy for menstrual cramps as well.
  • 5. Soothes Stomach Ache – Further adding onto chamomile benefits, the herb is a wonderful for soothing an upset stomach. Helping to soothe and relaxe the muscles and lining of the intestines, chamomile can help with poor digestion and even those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • 6. Promotes Sleep – Drinking chamomile tea soothes the nervous system so that you can sleep better. It has been used as a solution for insomnia for centuries.
  • 7. Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment – Chamomile ointment can help to relieve hemorrhoids.
  • 8. Fights Cancer – It’s very likely that chamomile tea can help reduce cancerous cells, although research is still ongoing to see exactly how chamomile reverses abnormal cellular growth.
  • 9. Promotes Healthy Skin – With it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties, chamomile helps in clearing up skin irritations such as eczema, acne, and allergies.

For me, number six has really gotten me into drinking chamomile regularly. I have trouble sleeping, and drinking this about half an hour before I go to bed really helps me to relax and fall asleep. I feel like I sleep better and healthier. This might also be due to it being a sort of ritual now, knowing that I can calm down while sipping my hot tea. I do believe however that the tea itself does me a whole lot of good! 
One very important thing and rule to abide by though, is to ALWAYS PUT A LIT ON THE TEA while it is steeping. This is very important to get all of the benefits and advantages of your herb (this goes for all herbal teas, not just chamomile), as this secures the herbs´ volatile oils to remain in your drink. If not, then it might taste nice, but you won´t get any effect or health benefits. I did not know about this at first, but as I was buying some quality loose chamomile tea from a local tea shop (which I also highly recommend you to do, the chamomile dust that you get from pre-packaged tea is just not the same), I was told to do this, and have done so ever since. I feel like this is not such common knowledge, so I thought I would spread the word. 
I always put a little plate turned upside down to cover my tea glass or cup entirely - let it steep for around 10 or maybe 15 minutes and then enjoy, wether it be chamomile, lemon grass or mint tea (both of which are awesome as well, but more on those two maybe later in a different post).

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