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SKINCARE . summer beauty skincare essentials

for summer, my skincare routine changes a bit. (it changes quite a lot, now that I think of it) here is what I love this summer and have been using during the hot months.

Caudalie Hydrating Mask / I never ever really use hydration masks on a regular basis. I just don´t need it. Lucky me, you might think, but trust me, I´ve got other problems. I do however treasure this one, which is just a sample size pictured here, because I hope I only need it once or maybe twice this season: when a sunburn calls for that extra bit of moisture I otherwise don´t really care for much (I have rather oily skin)

Kiehl´s Ultra Facial Cleanser / After receiving several samples of some of their products, I have come to love some of them and have incorporated them into my daily skincare routines. This is one I like to use every night. I can imagine that this might even become a staple during fall, maybe winter. But lets wait and see. It is very gentle but thorough and leaves my face feeling comfortably clean. It contains some oils that help break down and remove make-up and impurities, which is good. as I have said before in my previous skincare-related posts, oil is not necessarily bad for oily skin. Just know when to use it and use sparingly. (at least thats how I do it, and I believe it works) (this is, again, a sample size. I was not at home, which is why I packed mostly travel sizes of my regular products, in case you cared...)

La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel Cleanser / this is good at tackling my acne-prone and oily skin as a daily cleanser. I like to use this in the morning if my skin is feeling a bit out-of-balance and looks rather red than good. It works, but I´d prefer not to have to reach for this too often for obvious reasons. 

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil / and again an oil for oily skin. this one is actually especially made for oily skin, so it is a perfect match.  my skin can sometimes feel stripped after cleansing and immediately after applying the tiniest drop of this gorgeous-smelling oil my skin feels soothed, calm, and very very well-pampered. It is supposed to help with any impurities as well, so that is always helpful. (I am still not entirely pimple free, but I think I am getting there...)

Vichy Aqualia Thermal UV protection SPF20 (or is it 25? not sure, don´t care) / sun protection is a given in summer, if you don´t already do it year-round, which you should. (I don´t always, but I try. I am living in Germany, where the sun likes to hide - for days, weeks, sometimes years...kidding (only on that last part)) I like this cream, but I am not that blown-away with it that I wouldn´t try a different one once I run out. There is nothing really wrong with this, I do recommend it, and if nothing else interests me once I need a new one, I would repurchase this one. It is nice. 

Caudalie Purifying Mask / I need to regularly deeply clean my face. This is a great mask to do just that. It purifies pore-deep and get´s the job done, but the same as above, I might switch it out and try something new once I run out. Which is soon judging by the squeezed and squished tube. (I have been wanting to try the Aesop Parsley Seed Mask. That might be next) Otherwise, I also recommend this mask. It has been working nicely for me. If the Aesop one does not work out, I will most likely return to this one. 

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm / best every-day lip balm to nourish and hydrate your lips. the best. nuff said. 

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