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REVIEW . givenchy foundation eclat matissime

for the last couple of months I have been using Givenchy´s Fluid Foundation Airy-light Mat Radiance foundation. I have oily skin, especially in the summer, which is why I bought this. Even though "mat radiance" seems like a weird oxymoron, it is exactly what I was looking for - a mat finish with a glowing complexion nonetheless. The formula is quite liquidy and it is one of the foundations that you have to shake well before using. It applies very evenly and nicely, smoothing out any imperfections and evening out your skin tone. I prefer to apply it with my finger tips, but I do this with every foundation, so this is nothing special. It dries quickly on the skin and lasts all day, which is something to note very positively. The coverage is rather light and nothing that covers any blemishes or scars. That is perfectly fine for me, as I like a light and almost not there effect to keep things natural. As my skin has changed quite a bit recently and I am back to blemish-troubled skin, I do need to conceal any red spots after applying this foundation, but as I said, that is fine. The foundation is slightly but pleasantly fragranced. Nothing powerful, just a nice and fresh scent that only lingers for a short while. As this foundation is targeted at oilier skin, it includes ginger extract to purify your skin and pimpernel as well as cinnamon extracts to tighten pores and smoothen out the skins texture. While I do like using this, I can not really say that my pores look smaller since using it. However I feel like the product is very clean and light, making it very comforting to use, as I don´t want anything heavy and creamy on my already oily skin. I do of course get shiny at the end of the day or if I sweat much due to heat or sports, but that seems only natural. It stays fine for a few hours, and that is not something I can say for many other foundations. Another good aspect of this product is the included SPF 20 - always good to have sun protection!
As far as packaging goes, I love the idea and look of it, but some how it is the only aspect that bothers me with this product. While I do really like the black case and the flip up lid, for some reason the liquid squirts out uncontrollably at times, landing anywhere but on my hand, which I hate and get frustrated with. This is also the reason why the inner part of the lid looks kind of gross and has foundation smeared into the seams (I can not get it out of there). Maybe it is just my wrong way of using it somehow or I was unlucky and got one that is slightly abnormal. 
I really recommend this foundation and have liked using it. Since I am almost out though, I am thinking about trying the Clarins Ever Matte Foundation next, as I can not really get over the packing action of this one and the price tag is rather high. After trying the Clarins one, I will see if I return to this one, stick to the new one, or try something entirely different. If no other foundation works out as great as this one, I will happily declare this as my favorite foundation. 

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