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TRAVEL . the famous Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe

One of my highlights in Barcelona was the Barcelona Pavilion at the foot of the Park Montjuic by the legendary architect Mies van der Rohe. As an architecture enthusiast it was amazing to be on the site and wander through the phenomenal building, which is why I will start off my series of posts about my trip to Barcelona with my photos of this pavilion. 
It has been an inspiration to many modern buildings ever since it was built in 1929 as the German Pavilion for the International Exposition in Barcelona. Not only the building its self, but the iconic furniture that was specifically designed for it is still extremely popular and well-known, not only among architects. 
I was so fascinated by the exact and very detail-oriented design and execution of the pavilion. The simple and well-structured design is so powerful and it is phenomenal how each room unfolds while walking through the building, inside as well as outside. Everything is perfect in my opinion and I came to appreciate this master piece even more after having been there in person than before (studying and analyzing this project as an architecture student is a definite must). The use of exquisite but natural and authentic material is almost overwhelming and so very beautiful and poetically done. It is very rare, expensive, and more than complicated to cut and coordinate the stone slabs in the way Mies van der Rohe has done here. The grain and texture of the stone in each of the tiling is mirrored thanks to an exact cut and positioning, which makes the walls stand out very uniquely. 
The entire building is constructed as one continuous space, constantly blurring inside and outside. Various mirroring materials and surfaces intensify this concept. The polished stone, reflecting water surfaces, and alabaster glass seem to elongate and continue the space. 
When seen from afar and directly from the front, the building seems compact and impermeable. Once up the steps on the entrance platform, each space and room unfolds so fluently and gives way to well-thought out views and each element is a reference to the next and stands in relation to it´s surrounding. The one statue in the water basin, which is positioned very carefully, exemplifies this perfectly. 
The natural lighting in this entire building is also something worth mentioning. Just very well done again (what a surprise, I know) It is almost impossible to take bad pictures of the pavilion. 
For this glorious masterpiece in architecture alone a trip to Barcelona is worth it for me, but of course the city has far more to offer, and I am a bit biased on this one post, I have to admit...
More of Barcelona to come soon - and I promise it will then also appeal to those who might not be so keen on anything architecture-related!

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