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ZARA . extremely bad service

I have had quite enough of Zara and their shi*ty service recently. Especially after today. Let me fill you in on what happened: I was shopping with a friend and looked at a blazer that said friend already has. She told me she really liked it, but I was not entirely convinced of getting it myself. So I was back in there for only a couple of minutes to grab some shoes I really wanted (find them here) and glimpsed at that blazer again. I told myself I would just try it, grabbed my size and noticed that the fabric was extremely wrinkled and in bad shape. I asked for another one in my size, but they did not have one. So I told myself it was nothing I couldn´t iron and straighten out at home if I decided to keep it. I purchased it and went home, hanging it neatly up in my closet. Until today when I finally got a chance to really try it on and see if I liked it enough to keep it. Well, I did not, so I went back to Zara half an hour ago to return it. While putting it back into the bag I noticed that there were a couple of small stains across the back of the blazer, also definitely a reason to return it. When being asked why I wanted to return the item, in all honesty I answered that I did not like it and that there were stains on the back. So stupid in hind-sight! Those fu*king stains were the reason they did not accept a return, but they could definitely not have come from me, and thinking of how messed up the blazer was to begin with, I can easily see how there were a couple of stains thrown in as well. I could not believe it and asked for the manager, who just smiled at me and told me there was no way they would take it back. I am so mad and annoyed with that extremely bad service right now that I had to immediately type this up here and share. What I find almost the worst thing, is that the whole staff at the counter just smiled and laughed at me, rolling their eyes at other customers like I was crazy and the one at fault - now that really pi**ed me off. I am sorry for my language, but I think that Zara should try and keep their fitting rooms clean for a change before they refuse to take back dirty clothes. I don´t know if it is just the ones in Hannover and Münster, but there is always so much dirt, grime, hairs, and dust in there that I wouldn´t be surprised of any stains in their clothes. I have heard and seen so often that their clothes have a broken seam, button, or zipper or flash multiple make-up stains. I would respect their decision not to take the blazer back a bit more if people were properly doing their jobs, namely cleaning the store adequately and making sure that the clothes they display and hang up are clean, wrinkle-free and ready to take home without having to investigate every inch! I am almost angry with me for even telling them of the stains, had I just said I did not like it, they probably would not even have noticed! I have definitely learned my lesson to never be so foolish and just blindly purchase something and then properly try it on later at home. Nope, not anymore. And I think I won´t even buy at Zara again for a while, maybe ever. Most of their stuff is broken or ripped and in really bad shape after a season anyway. Only two things have stayed in my closet for more than a few months. There are so many other great stores, and I would happily spend a little more on maybe a bit fewer items, but I know that they will last me much longer. Some one once told me that Zara is not the best quality in general, and that H&M for example is of much better quality, at even lower prices. So nothing is really tying me to shop at Zara. I prefer COS, Massim Dutti, and H&M for any reasonably prices clothes. No more Zara for me. This is it.

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