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BOBBI BROWN . my favorite cleansing balm

The concept of a balm cleanser has never really occurred to me before I found this pot of yellow gold! I  honestly can not even remember how I found this product. I don´t know wether I was told to use it, if I read about it somewhere, or if some sales person convinced me to try it. I think I was attracted to the bright yellow within this beautiful, massive glass jar and the solid black lid with the simple white letters of the Bobbi Brown logo. I can´t really imagine that it was any other way, since I had never really heard of a thing such as a Balm Rinse (this might have been just me, I don´t know how long products like these have been on the market, sorry, but I had never heard of it before). Since the price is rather steep, it can´t have been something I just bought for the fun of it. But I did purchase it - last summer, so almost a year ago. And I will definitely purchase it again when I run out. It has been my permanent night-time cleanser and something that I look forward to every night. It almost feels like five minutes of luxurious wellness before going to bed. Let me explain a little further: Bobbi Brown´s Extra Balm Rinse is a think paste with an almost waxy consistency. Don´t let that scare you, especially once you here that you apply it on dry skin (yes, completely dry, fully made up skin)! But this is honestly the best part of the procedure. I always apply a very tiny bit (you really do not need much and one jar really lasts a looong time, I have had mine for almost a year and still have some left that will probably last me another few months, it´s amazing and completely worth the initial splurge) on my forehead, my cheeks and some on my chin. I then take the time to properly massage it onto my face, really working it into the skin. This feels so good at the end of a stressful day and let´s me unwind a little. It is also really helpful to activate your skin and give it a little boost by activating the circulation. The scent is fresh and delicious. The product breaks down any make-up, pollution, and impurities on your skin during the massage and makes sure that your face is completely clean and pure. The thick texture is in no way abrasive or hard to manage, for to the contrary actually. It is very easy and enjoyable to apply it. After you have thoroughly massaged it onto your entire face (except for the eye area) you simply remove it with plenty of water - at this point the product dissolves into a milk-like rinse and is very easily washed off completely. You are left with properly but gently cleansed skin that does not feel stripped or tight. And it does not feel greasy either as you might expect! I only use it at night, making it something special every day before bedtime. The product is targeted for dry skin. I have rather oily skin, but use it and love it with a passion. I actually think that it really helps my skin and gives it the moisture that it need without stripping it of its natural oils too much, which is important even if you are on the oilier side of things. Completely stripping the skin of any oils will only cause an excessive oil production in return, so that is never a good solution. Using it morning and night however would, for me, probably be too much though. I like it just the way it is: as a night time indulgence!

Have you tried any of the Bobbi Brown skincare products? My best friend uses the Soothing Cleansing Oil and keeps repurchasing it, so that can not be too bad. It sounds great and I have been thinking of trying that one as well...(and a lovely greeting to you H! I know that she will probably, at some point, be reading this, so I wanted to let her know that I am thinking of her as I type this!)

/ for a full introduction to my morning and night time cleansing routine, have a look at this post. More in depth reviews of most of the products will follow

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