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Precious Oil . NUXE Huile Prodigieuse review

The products that usually remain in my daily routines and that i really learn to treasure are normally the ones that are:
- working
- simple but effective
- nice to look at (I am sorry, but I do love some nice packaging, especially if its clean, effortless and somehow chic)
- possibly multi-purpose
- and smell nice (always a big big plus because I am a fragrance fanatic)
This precious oil just does it for me. I received a couple of samples while buying something else entirely and came to use them up rather quickly at home. I bought the smaller, 50 ml version a couple of days later and experimented a bit with it at first...not sure how well I was really going to use and need it.

So in further detail: my review.
This gold liquid contains 30% natural plant oils, namely Borage, St. John´s Wort, Sweet Almond, Camellia, Hazelnut and Macadamia. PLUS Vitamin E. So you really can´t go wrong with this, regardless of where you apply it.
Myself, I love to use it on my entire body, as well as my hair after it is freshly washed, and every now and then on my face. I have especially noticed great results after incorporating it into my face care routine. This came more or less my accident, for I was on a trip to Norway and forgot any kind of facial oil or heavy cream (it is extremely cold in Norway). So I tried my Huile Prodigieuse every night and my skin has not been so healthy in years! I was so surprised because, to be honest, I shied away from trying any oils on my face before, but I shall never stop now!

For me this product has really become an essential and a (I never thought I´d say this) 'holy grail' item. And what is so amazing about it is that it is relatively affordable and so so practical. I use it for everything. I am so pleased with it that I have just bought the full size as back up. As you can see, I have almost entirely used up my initial bottle.

I have done a little research on the magical oils that make up this beautiful concoction. I am by no means a dermatologist, but I was very interested in learning about these oils and I thought I´d share:

Borage:  has "anti-inflammatory and anti-thrombotic effects and it has been studied for its potential to treat anti-inflammatory disorders, arthritisatopic eczema, and respiratory inflammation." (wikipedia)
I have also learned that it helps the cell metabolism to help skin texture and that it may help with achne (http://gewuerze-oele.de)
St. John´s Wort: St John's wort is widely known as an herbal treatment for depression. (wikipedia) (maybe thats why I like this oil so much...)
it also helps with dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin (http://www.pharmazeutische-zeitung.de
Sweet Almond: helps with any irregularities of the skin such as stripes or wrinkles. Good for hair; makes it smoothe and adds shine. (http://gewuerze-oele.de)
Camellia: protects and nourishes the skin and has antioxidants. Builds a protecting barrier around the skin. (http://gewuerze-oele.de)
Hazelnut and Macadamia: provide nourishment and help intensely with dry, rough and chapped skin

So many great properties. I will definitely continue to use this amazing oil and can definitely recommend it.

What is your favorite body/face/hair oil? Do you have any that work just as great? Maybe even better? Let me know!

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